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dc.contributor.authorRenukappa, Suresh
dc.contributor.authorSuresh, Subashini
dc.contributor.authorShetty, Nisha
dc.identifier.citationShetty, N., Renukappa, S. and Suresh, S. (2020) Understanding business model canvas for smart cities: A theoretical review. BAM 2020 Conference in the Cloud, 2nd-4th September, 2020.en
dc.descriptionThis is an accepted manuscript of an article published by British Academy of Management in BAM Conference in the Cloud Proceedings. The accepted version of the publication may differ from the final published version.en
dc.description.abstractCities form a major progress in the advancement of a country’s economy. Cities are defied with increasing population growth and need to implement smart solutions to become more buoyant to economic, environmental, and social challenges posed by ongoing urbanization. Developing a smart city in a developing economy becomes a challenge with the other forefront challenges. The high amount of initial financial investments needed for consolidation of different departments and sectors and lack of a systemic approach may have a negative impact on industry growth. Cities benefit from a transparent overview of best practice solutions to become smarter and from identifying best-suited solution providers. Companies that make cities smarter benefit from becoming more visible to cities around the globe with their newly developed or proven solutions. Business models help accelerate the adoption of smart technologies. This paper conducts a theoretical review on the concept of business model canvas for smart cities. It studies the economics of smart cities globally. Case studies of smart cities around the globe are discussed with the conduction of business model canvas for different services. The case studies are reviewed to understand the importance and challenges of the application of business model canvas for different services in smart cities. Smart cities will eventually deliver true convergence of lifestyle and technology and improve the overall quality of life for citizens.en
dc.publisherBritish Academy of Management Conferenceen
dc.subjectsmart citiesen
dc.subjectbusiness modelsen
dc.subjectstreet lightingen
dc.subjectsmart waste managementen
dc.titleUnderstanding business model canvas for smart cities: A theoretical reviewen
dc.typeConference contributionen
dc.conference.nameBritish Academy of Management Conference
dc.conference.locationAlliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom
rioxxterms.funderUniversity of Wolverhamptonen

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