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dc.contributor.authorSaini, Mandeep
dc.contributor.editorArif, Mohammed
dc.contributor.editorRana, Muhammed Q.
dc.contributor.editorKaushik, Amit K.
dc.identifier.citationSaini, M. (2020) Simplified research methods: with exercises and examples. Wolverhampton: University of Wolverhampton.en
dc.description.abstractThis unique collection of ten chapters gives you the essential knowledge for research methods and academic writing. Educational researchers should use this book as a dissertation/thesis writing guide. This book is carefully considering the benefits for both the native and non-native speakers of English. Therefore, understandable and simplified English terms are adopted in writing this book. This book aims to provide simplified research methods and tools and techniques to dissertation writers. This book is not a discipline-specific resource. Therefore, this resource can equip bachelors/masters and doctorate level researchers with the tools and techniques that are essential for research and academic writing. A successful research project needs critical planning. Research planning may take some time, but that makes your research journey stress-free. Many students fail to manage the research project due to the lack of research planning. A substantial amount of research fails due to the lack of understanding of the research methodology. Consequently, it fails to produce a merit or distinction level research. Well-Planned research saves time to focus on the main content such as investigating literature, research methodology, collecting data, analysing data and logically draw conclusions and recommendations. A research project has a time-limit. Therefore, in this book, we have discussed several tools that help you to plan and manage your thesis. Through this guide, you will be able to employ a critical thinking approach to your research content and structure. This guide consists of several examples and activities of academic writing, which provides you with a starting point to write each chapter of your dissertation and its sections and sub-sections. The content of this guide is kept generic that can be used with citation. This unique collection of your nuts and bolts for research and academic writing is organised in ten chapters. So, you can use it in a flow-through chapter-by-chapter and section-by-section.en
dc.publisherUniversity of Wolverhampton, Faculty of Science and Engineeringen
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International*
dc.subjectresearch methodsen
dc.subjectsimplified research methodologyen
dc.subjectresearch methods for built environmenten
dc.subjectresearch methods examples and exercisesen
dc.titleSimplified research methods: with exercises and examplesen
dc.typeAuthored booken
rioxxterms.funderUniversity of Wolverhamptonen

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
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