• Qualitative analysis of post-editing for high quality machine translation

      Blain, Frédéric; Senellart, Jean; Schwenk, Holger; Plitt, Mirko; Roturier, Johann; AAMT, Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation (Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation, 2011-09-30)
      In the context of massive adoption of Machine Translation (MT) by human localization services in Post-Editing (PE) workflows, we analyze the activity of post-editing high quality translations through a novel PE analysis methodology. We define and introduce a new unit for evaluating post-editing effort based on Post-Editing Action (PEA) - for which we provide human evaluation guidelines and propose a process to automatically evaluate these PEAs. We applied this methodology on data sets from two technologically different MT systems. In that context, we could show that more than 35% of the remaining effort can be saved by introducing of global PEA and edit propagation.
    • Translation quality and productivity: a study on rich morphology languages

      Specia, Lucia; Harris, Kim; Burchardt, Aljoscha; Turchi, Marco; Negri, Matteo; Skadina, Inguna (Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation, 2017)
      Specia, L., Blain, F., Harris, K., Burchardt, A. et al. (2017) Translation quality and productivity: a study on rich morphology languages. In, Machine Translation Summit XVI, Vol 1. MT Research Track, Kurohashi, S., and Fung, P., Nagoya, Aichi, Japan: Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation, pp. 55-71.