• The dialectics of change in social work education

      Simpson, Graeme; Murr, Ani (Whiting and Birch, 2015-01-31)
      The aim of this paper is to explore the dialectics of change in social work education. Beginning with a brief outline of the dialectic, it acknowledges the contested nature of social work, and identifies historical tensions between major stakeholders (government, regulators, employers, academics and educators). It examines inherent contradictions in the understanding of ‘good’ social work in the conflict over the social work curriculum, and in approaches to the assessment of practice at institutional and individual levels. Significant disconnections between stakeholders identified through the social work degree are described and the potential for reconnection through the reform process in England is recognized. The paper concludes by questioning whether such reconnection (synthesis) is possible in the context of divisive historical tensions (thesis and anti-thesis) and suggesting where new forms of connectivity may emerge.