• Alternative assessment

      Gipps, Caroline; Stobart, G. (Dordrecht: Springer, 2003)
      This invited review for an international handbook makes an original contribution to the development of conceptual understandings around new modes and models of assessment. Building on evidence from a number of countries in its review of alternative approaches to large-scale assessment, as well as both authors’ own contribution to theory, the chapter presents a new analysis of forms of alternative assessment.
    • Assessing literacies

      Gipps, Caroline; Cumming, Joy (Dordrecht: Springer, 2005)
      This is an invited contribution to an international handbook. It builds on this author’s contribution to the theory of assessment and the Australian co-author’s expertise in literacy. This cross-national review of literacy assessment policy and practice was able to demonstrate a shift in the theoretical approach to literacy assessment. It proposes a new schema for countries to use in evaluating their literacy assessment in relation to both models of literacy and modern assessment theory. It is thus an original contribution to theory and policy.