• What constitutes high quality higher education pedagogical research

      Evans, Carol; Kandiko-Howson, Camile; Forsythe, Alexandra; Edwards, Corony (Taylor & Francis, 2020-08-27)
      Over the last 20 years there has been significant growth in the volume of higher education pedagogical research across disciplines and national contexts, but inherent tensions in defining quality remain. In this paper we present a framework to support understanding of what constitutes internationally excellent research, drawing on a range of conceptual frameworks, international and national performance-based research funding systems, discipline/professional body frameworks, and research council guidance. While acknowledging the contested nature of excellence in higher education pedagogical research, we provide criteria to guide discussion and to support individual and organisational learning. A key premise is that if learning and teaching in higher education are to be enhanced, considerable investment is required in supporting the development of integrated academics where emphasis is on both research and practice to inform pedagogy. Research and evaluation are essential aspects of teaching and need to be embedded within it. The framework is designed to enable colleagues to develop the necessary tools and approaches to support understanding of educational research and adapt these within their disciplinary context.