• Book Review C. Fowler The Modern Embroidery Movement

      Hackney, Fiona (Intellect Books, 2019-01-23)
      This meticulously researched, well-illustrated and lucidly written book provides a detailed critical history of the work and lives of a group of American women artists who chose to work in embroidery in the first half of the twentieth century.
    • Book Review of "The Happiness Industry: How the Government and Big Business Sold Us Well-Being"

      Platt, Tracey; Ruch, Willibald (The International Society of Humor Studies, 2017-12)
      One may believe that reviewing a book on the “happiness industry” for the International Society for Humor Studies shows that humor is starting to embrace its natural bedfellow, positive psychology. However, before we all rush to jump on this new focus of interest, it might be worth considering the critiques offered by the author, William Davies. In his book Davies explores how and why there has been a shift in how we pursue happiness. He argues that happiness has moved away from being a personal goal to one that is used and controlled by a myriad of public entities, exploited by corporations to increase productivity, and even appearing on government agendas. Going beyond his own political and economic expertise, Davies also builds arguments that encompass practices within neuroscience and the science of psychology
    • Book Review The Kindred of the Kibbo Kift by Annebella Pollen

      Hackney, Fiona (Oxford University Press, 2019-01-23)
      This is a beautiful and intriguing book that tells a fascinating story about a little-known form of alternative modernist design and craft practice. Published by the independent Donlon Books and written by Annebella Pollen as part of an Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded Fellowship, it draws on numerous archival sources from public and private collections, and includes over a hundred largely unseen images in black and white, and colour.
    • Contemporary Czech Society by Lyons, Pat and Kindlerová, Rita (eds)

      Dickins, Tom (Modern Humanities Research Association, 2018-04)
      Contemporary Czech Society, edited by Pat Lyons and Rita Kindlerová, is a wide-ranging study of current attitudinal trends and changing realities, based on insights drawn largely from mass survey data. This highly engaging and thought-provoking work, which employs a social scientific framework, seeks and largely manages to present a value-free account of popular perceptions of the self and others. The publication comprises five sections: Preface; Introduction; Theory, methods, and structure; fifty-seven short empirically-informed chapters; and Conclusion, which contains a ‘cross-validation’. The separate chapters include contributions from eighteen different scholars, although Lyons’ own input merits special recognition, not least because it exceeds that of all the other authors as a whole. The main body of the text is divided into five broadly conceived thematic parts, which consider Czech society from economic, historical, political science, psychological, and sociological perspectives. Each chapter adopts an erotetic (question and answer) approach, and is grounded in solid scholarship, with reference to numerous secondary sources, and models and frameworks, but without conventional academic citations and footnotes. The study is thus presumably intended both for a general educated market keen to learn more about the dynamics and values Czech society, and for a more specialized readership, with an interest in particular aspects of the subject area.
    • Czech Bluegrass: Notes from the Heart of Europe by Bidgood, Lee

      Dickins, Tom (Modern Humanities Research Association, 2018-07-01)
      Czech Bluegrass is an important, original and highly personal contribution to the defining characteristics and development of one of the more unlikely (but nonetheless significant) forms of musical expression in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. Bidgood’s approach, which is broadly ethnomusicological, renders his work accessible to a range of readers with a general interest in Czech culture and folk-spectrum music, as well as to musicians and musicologists with a more specialist knowledge of and/or liking for bluegrass. I am very much in the former category, and can claim no expertise in the making or interpretation of music, but I still found much of the content engaging and perspicuous.
    • Editorial

      Pheasant-Kelly, Frances (University of Lisbon, 2017)
      Messengers from the Stars is an international, peer-reviewed journal, offering academic articles, reviews, and providing an outlet for a wide range of creative work inspired by science fiction and fantasy. It aims at promoting science fiction and fantasy in the humanities while, at the same time, providing a forum for discussion on all aspects of science fiction and fantasy by welcoming innovative approaches and critical methodologies to the critical and creative landscape
    • Editors' introduction

      Hambrook, Glyn; Steinke, Gabriela (Edinburgh University Press, 2018-05)
    • Enhanced erythrocyte antioxidant status following an 8-week aerobic exercise training program in heavy drinkers

      Jamurtas, Athanasios Z; Georgakouli, Kalliopi; Manthou, Eirini; Georgoulias, Panagiotis; Deli, Chariklia; Koutedakis, Yiannis; Theodorakis, Yannis; Fatouros, Ioannis (American College of Sports Medicine, 2018-05-31)
      Alcohol-induced oxidative stress is involved in the development and progression of various pathological conditions and diseases whereas exercise training has been shown to improve redox status, thus attenuating oxidative stress-associated disease processes. PURPOSE: to evaluate the effect of an exercise training program on blood redox status in heavy drinkers. METHODS: Eleven sedentary, heavy drinking men participated in an intervention where they completed an 8-week supervised aerobic training program of moderate intensity. Blood samples were collected before, during (week 4) and after intervention and analyzed for total antioxidant capacity (TAC), thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS), protein carbonyls (PC), uric acid (UA), bilirubin, reduced glutathione (GSH) and catalase activity. RESULTS: Catalase activity increased (p<0.05) after 8 weeks (340.7+13.3 U mg/Hb) of intervention compared to week 4 (299.5+18.7 U mg/Hb). GSH increased (p<0.05) after 8 weeks of intervention (1.22+0.16 μmol/g Hb) compared to the control condition (1.11 + 0.17 μmol/g Hb) and to week 4 (1.11 + 0.15 μmol/g Hb ). TAC, UA, bilirubin, TBARS and PC did not significantly change at any time point. CONCLUSION: An 8-week aerobic training program enhanced erythrocyte antioxidant status in heavy drinkers, indicating that aerobic training may attenuate pathological processes caused by alcohol-induced oxidative stress.
    • Introduction

      Pheasant-Kelly, Frances; Andrews, Eleanor; HOCKENHULL, STELLA (Routledge, 2015-08)
      This book examines the ways in which the house appears in films and the modes by which it moves beyond being merely a backdrop for action. Specifically, it explores the ways that domestic spaces carry inherent connotations that filmmakers exploit to enhance meanings and pleasures within film. Rather than simply examining the representation of the house as national symbol, auteur trait, or in terms of genre, contributors study various rooms in the domestic sphere from an assortment of time periods and from a diversity of national cinemas―from interior spaces in ancient Rome to the Chinese kitchen, from the animated house to the metaphor of the armchair in film noir.
    • Warde (née Becker), Beatrice Lamberton Becker (1900–1969)

      Glaser, Jessica (Oxford University Press, 2019-03-30)
      Warde (née Becker), Beatrice Lamberton Becker (1900–1969), typographer, was born in New York, USA, on 20 September 1900, the only child of Gustav Becker (1861–1959), pianist and composer, and his wife, May, née Lamberton (1873–1958), the journalist and literary critic ...