• A Duality of Sorts

      Stewart, Max (Bruntnell-Astley Gallery, 2017-08)
      A glass sculpture detailing my research into pate de verre and metallic salts. An investigation into the precise nature of glass paints made by the kiln firing process with metallic salts.
    • Azeville (2006)

      Wilson, Jane; Wilson, Louise (Tate Britain, 2014-03-04)
      Ruin Lust, an exhibition at Tate Britain from 4 March 2014, offers a guide to the mournful, thrilling, comic and perverse uses of ruins in art from the seventeenth century to the present day. Ruin Lust will include work provoked by the wars of the twentieth century, including Graham Sutherland’s Devastation series 1940–1, which depicts the aftermath of the Blitz and Jane and Louise Wilson’s 2006 photographs of the Nazis’ defensive Atlantic Wall. Paul Nash’s photographs of surreal fragments in the 1930s and 40s, or Jon Savage’s images of a desolate London in the late 1970s show how artists also view ruins as zones of pure potential, where the world must be rebuilt or reimagined.
    • Bookishness

      World Book Night Artist Collective (CFPR UWE : Bristol UK, 2017)
    • Diversity and Unity

      Brennand-Wood, Michael (2015-04-23)
    • 'Serena Joy' artist's book/folio (Artefact)

      Fahy, Su (Sarah Bodman , CFPR UWE, Bristol www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk, 2016-04)
      World Book Night takes place each year on 26th April and is an International Event .WBN Collective of which I am a member produce works in association with the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England Bristol , UK , each year.Each year the practice outcomes are shared publicly online - https://vimeo.com/164111118 and a publication / artefact is produced in a limited edition, www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk/events/wbn2016.html This year the artist's book / folio Serena Joy has been accepted for the Tate Artists Book Collection at the Tate Galleries in London
    • Split Head, Leather Mask

      Stewart, Max (Collect 17, Saatchi Gallery, 2017-02-02)
      An interrogation of the possibilities of fusing and casting metallic salts with coloured glass in the kiln forming process. Glass sculpture detailing my research into pate de verre casting and the use of metallic slats. A co-curated exhibition of international glass and ceramics.
    • The Konvas Autovat, The Toxic Camera (2012)

      Wilson, Jane; Wilson, Louise (Seoul Museum, 2016-09-01)
    • The Sense of My Screaming Skin: Manifesting My Bipolarity

      Stewart, Max (White House Cone Museum of Glass, 2017-08)
      An investigation into the nature of chemical serendipity within the kiln forming process using metallic salts and glass. Glass sculpture in international selected exhibition of contemporary glass artists who have a working and artistic relationship with Allister Malcolm – one of the UK’s leading glassmakers. The exhibition was in celebration of 25 years of his making glass artefacts. All participants were invited by Allister Malcolm to exhibit because of their considered impact on the contemporary glass world.
    • The Severn Sea

      Fahy, Su (e-flux, 2014)