• Tales of migration from the global south. The civilized and uncivilized migrant in the narratives of La Tercera and El Mercurio

      Urbina, Maria L; Balica, E.; Marinescu, V. (Springer International Publishing, 2018-10-24)
      Migration is not a new phenomenon in Chile as the country has long seen migrants coming from Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Colonial views about race and ethnicity adopted by Latin Americans as part of their class structure (Quijano 2000) established an early differentiation between the “civilized migrant” and the “uncivilized migrant” among groups that arrived on Latin America shores. Chilean news media has echoes of this binary vision between the “civilized = good” migrant and the “uncivilized = bad” migrant. The chapter aims to uncover the narratives of the civilized and uncivilized migrant within the printed news media, particularly in the two major newspapers El Mercurio and La Tercera, by focusing on how these ideas frame the way in which they cover migration.