• To interact or not to interact, that is the question: an analysis of student engagement with on-line learning activities in WOLF

      Dale, Crispin; Lane, Andrew M.; Horrell, Andrew (University of Wolverhampton, 2005)
      Engagement with Wolverhampton On-line Learning Framework (WOLF) by both staff and students is a key strategic priority of the University with the aim to develop the interactive learning environment so that by 2005 the majority of technology-based learning undertaken by learners will involve them in active participation in on-line activities in a media-rich environment. However, current practice within the School of Sports, Performing Arts and Leisure (SSPAL) has demonstrated that even though some students choose to engage with the interactive learning activities the majority decide not to, and are content with downloading module lectures and notes without reciprocating with the on-line activities that have been developed to assist their learning. The aim of this research project is to explore the views, opinions and experiences of students who do and do not engage with on-line learning activities using the University of Wolverhampton On-line Learning Framework (WOLF), and to use this knowledge to develop learning and teaching strategies that enhance student engagement with on-line learning activities.