• Delmer Daves’s 3:10 to Yuma: Aesthetics, Reception and Cultural Significance’

      Pheasant-Kelly, Frances; Carter, Matthew (Edinburgh University Press, 2016-05)
      From Destination Tokyo (1943) to Youngblood Hawke (1964), among many other films, few filmmakers created as unique a body of work in the US as Delmer Daves (1904-1977), but few filmmakers have been as critically overlooked in existing scholarly literature. Daves is often regarded as an embodiment of the self-effacing craftsmanship of classical and post-war Hollywood, which helps explain his relative neglect by film critics and scholars. As the first study of Daves's career, this collection in the ReFocus series seeks to deepen our understanding of the filmmaker and problematize existing conceptions of him as a competent by conventional studio man. Part of the ReFocus: The American Directors Series, which aims to bring influential, yet neglected, American directors to the attention of a new audience of scholars and students.