• Beatrice Warde, May Lamberton Becker and Books Across the Sea

      Glaser, Jessica; Roberto, Rose; Alexiou, Artemis (Peter Lang, 2022-12-31)
    • La ética de la memoria: una perspectiva Kantiana

      Satne, Paula; Sanchez Madrid, Nuria; Villacañas, José Luis; Muñoz, Julia (Peter Lang, 2021-07-05)
      In this article, I address the issue of whether we have an obligation to remember past immoral actions. My central question is: are we oblige to remember past moral transgressions? I address this central question through three more specific questions. In the first section, I enquiry whether we have an obligation to remember our own past transgressions. In the second section, I ask whether we have an obligation to remember the wrongful actions that others have committed against ourselves. In the last section, I investigate whether we have a duty to remember the suffering of victims of crimes that have a political aspect, crimes such as state violence, oppression and racial discrimination, for example.