• Bibliography of British Travel Writing, 1780 - 1840: The European Tour, 1814 - 1818 (excluding Britain and Ireland)

      Colbert, Benjamin (Cardiff University: Centre for Editorial and Intertextual Research, 2004)
      The acquisition in 1997 by Cardiff University of the English language version of the Corvey Microfiche Edition (CME) presented a significant opportunity for research into English literature of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 'Romantic Textualities: Literature and Print Culture, 1780–1840' is a twice-yearly journal that is committed to foregrounding innovative Romantic-studies research into bibliography, book history, intertextuality, and textual studies. INTRODUCTION TO THIS ARTICLE: "In 1826, Mary Shelley recalled the Summer of 1814 as ‘incarnate romance’, when ‘a new generation’ of youthful travellers with ‘time and money at command’, yet heedless of ‘dirty packets and wretched inns’, ‘poured, in one vast stream, across the Pas de Calais into France’. It is estimated that some 15,512 British tourists and residents were present in Paris alone during 1815, while, at home, accounts began appearing in print. By 1817, the Edinburgh Review commented: The restoration of peace has, as might have been foreseen, produced a vast number of Books of Travels."