• Afterword: Confidence in art evidence

      Prior, Ross W.; Rowe, Nick; Reason, Matthew; Balfour, Michael; Preston, Sheila (Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, 2017)
      In pointing to the fact that there are no fixed prescriptions for what constitutes evidence and impact in applied arts, art (meaning all art forms) is offered as a way of providing those answers. Personal embodied ways of knowing are of interest to researchers and values the importance of knowledge that is incrementally gained through the act of doing and being. Art is empirical – art and art processes are observable. Art is a way of knowing and as such provides researchers with a rich vehicle for research that does not need to be scientific or rely on the social sciences. Whilst mixed methods research may be useful, applied arts researchers can and should have full confidence in using an art based research method. This should also extend to a confidence in artistic outcomes, offering us clear understandings of both evidence and impact.