• Design Under the Gun

      Davies, Colin; Parrinder, Monika (F+W Publications, Inc, 2006)
      The authors were commissioned to write an article looking at Product Design post-9/11. The article questioned whether an aesthetic of violence had taken root, promoting a new criticality amongst product designers.
    • Part of the process

      Davies, Colin; Parrinder, Monika (Eye Magazine, 2006)
      This article focuses on key practitioners associated with Relational Aesthetics, and its relationship to graphic design, with particular reference to artists Liam Gillick’s work.
    • Shooting Images: Photographs from the War in Iraq

      Davies, Colin; Parrinder, Monika (2004)
      This article looks at the role of photography and the processing of violence post 9/11 by examining key texts on photography by Susan Sontag in the context of the ‘war on terror’. The authors engage the relationship between the packaging of and response to the photograph in terms of lifestyle defined by consumption. The full text is available at the link above.