• Bridging the cultural divide

      McCoy, Tracy J. (University of Wolverhampton, 2004)
      The motivation for this project grew from discussions between a group of lecturers from the university during and post delivery of subject specific bridging courses at North East Normal University in Changchun, China during March 2003. Anecdotal and experiential evidence suggested that there was a common need for study skills development among our prospective Chinese students, inorder to better prepare them for the more open and self-directed style of learning expected of students at the University of Wolverhampton. Prospective students attending the bridging course presented a significant demand for more detailed information about the university and it's teaching methods as well as information about the local area, living expenses etc. The main aim of the project was to investigate the learning styles, experiences and needs of prospective Chinese undergraduates to direct entry at Level 3 of a variety of study programmes and in response to the findings, develop some inter-school learning materials to support Chinese students. Thus it was hoped to avoid unnecessary duplication and the need for large teaching teams to to travel yearly to China to deliver bridging courses.