• Canyon Reflections

      Jones, David (2005)
      “Raku - Origins, Impact and Contemporary Expression” was a symposium and exhibition convened by Professor Jim Romberg, Southern Oregon University, to research the development of new potentials in western raku. The event brought together some of the leading raku specialists worldwide to develop work and an attendant critical discourse. Jones was an invited participant. The group discussed the ancient and the contemporary heritage of raku and then embarked on collaborative ventures to explore a set of propositions concerning the nature of raku practice, which had evolved from the discourse. Set in this context, Jones pieces were made as a reflection on, and reinterpretation of, the vessels made for tea ceremony in a contemporary context.
    • Firing: Philosophies within contemporary ceramics practice

      Jones, David (Wiltshire: Crowood Press, 2007)
      This book builds on work begun in “Raku – Investigations into Fire”, published in 2000. In “Firing” Jones interrogates the latest ideas, processes and conceptual frameworks that inform the use of fire in artmaking; within a contemporary aesthetic related to ceramics.
    • Fixing Light - Fixing Fire

      Jones, David (2002)
      A solo exhibition developed and curated by David Jones, working in collaboration with: Rod Dorling, art and architectural photographer, Leamington Spa; and John Bell, theatre and exhibitions designer. The overarching idea of the exhibition was to investigate the relationship between Eastern and Western ceramic cultures on the example of raku. More specifically, the research underlying the exhibition addressed the question of how to exhibit contemporary western raku so as to elicit its ties to historical and aesthetic traditions in the East. To this end, the exhibition was designed to display the work of Jones, and to contextualise it through the photography of Dorling to make explicit its relationship to, and its advance from the historical raku ceramic process and philosophy.
    • My name is Nobody

      Jones, David (Grassi Museum, 2017-06)
    • Porcelain Reflections

      Jones, David (Galerie Kempro, Eindhoven, Holland; • Galerie Gees, Belgium; • Cultural Centre t’ Vondel, Halle, Belgium; • The Blue House Porcelain gallery, Dubi, Czech Republic; • Gmunden ceramic centre, Gmunden, Austria., 2016-10)
    • Pottery after Auschwitz

      Jones, David (Jewish Museum, London, 2016)
    • Shaping Ceramics: from Lucie RIe to Edmund de Waal

      Jones, David (Jewish Museum., 2016-11)