• Delivering Difficult Concepts Using Visual Representations

      Burns, J.; Gaura, Elena; Mount, Sarah; Newman, Robert; Woodcock, A. (Routledge (Taylor & Francis), 2005)
      This work is an exercise in the use of 3-D animation for the communication of complex scientific subjects. An animation was produced to explain some of the more complex and abstract issues involved in the design of wireless sensor networks. The vehicle for this was a future planetary exploration expedition, which was predicated on current research in the field. The animated film was made, and displayed to a variety of audiences. Assessments were then made, through interviews, of the extent to which audiences had assimilated the principles of the technology behind the scenario which they had viewed.
    • SenSor: an Algorithmic Simulator for Wireless Sensor Networks

      Mount, Sarah; Newman, Robert; Gaura, Elena; Kemp, J. (2006)
      Describes a research programme, which led to the creation of the UK's first open sourced simulator for wireless sensor networks. The aim of the work was to enable non-specialists (such as artists and environmental scientists) to quickly prototype end-user products based on wireless sensing technology.
    • Smart MEMS and Sensor Systems

      Gaura, Elena; Newman, Robert (London: Imperial College Press, 2006)
      This work is a research monograph concerning the design of Micro-Electrical-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) based sensor systems. These systems have frequently been described as 'disruptive technology', and their design and successful deployment depends on the successful collaboration of a number of communities, including mechanical and electronic engineers, chemists, computer scientists and application specialists. The book reports original research in a number of technical fields, which are required for the implementation of an entire MEMS based sensor system. In particular, chapters 9 and 10 describe the development of a multidisciplinary design approach, based on defined interfaces delineated by the concerns of particular disciplines.