• Plymouth Past, Sustainable Future

      Cox, David (Plymouth University Law School, 2016-11)
      On Saturday 14 November 2015 Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery hosted an event which formed part of the Economic & Social Research Council’s (ESRC) annual Festival of Social Science. The interdisciplinary public engagement event (organised by Professor Kim Stevenson) was entitled Plymouth Past: Sustainable Future and involved interactive displays and exhibitions of the work of several members of the Plymouth University School of Law on this year’s ESRC theme of sustainability The exhibition focused on 3 main aspects: social, cultural and environmental sustainability.
    • Pointing, telling and showing: multimodal deitic enrichment during in-vision news sign language translation

      Stone, Christopher; Tipton, Rebecca; Desilla, Louisa (Routledge, 2019-05-22)
      The Broadcasting Act 1996, chapter 55, section 20, placed a legal obliged on broadcaster in the UK to include British Sign Language (BSL) in their programmes either have, presentation in, or translation into, sign language. This has included the translation into BSL of current affairs programmes, popular programmes and soaps with a variety of Deaf and hearing T/Is being employed to undertake this work. This in-vision translation is not new, and has preceded 1996 (Ladd, 200?), but little attention has been paid to the multimodal nature of the translation and the pragmatics of delivering a seen translation, with the translator viewed by the audience, presenting a translation that interacts with other elements on the television screen. This involves the representation of the news and other current affairs to ensure that sign language using deaf people have access to the news in their first or preferred language.
    • Poland and Ukraine: A Strategic Partnership in a Changing Europe?

      Wolczuk, Kataryna; Wolczuk, Roman (London: Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), 2002)
      The book outlines the traditionally difficult relations between Poland and Ukraine and assesses the changes in the last decade, which have resulted in very constructive bilateral relations between the two states. The authors argue that the strengthening of bilateral ties bodes well for stability in Europe, and is a welcome development in the context of the integration process currently proceeding apace across the continent. Ironically, the very process of integration is having less than benign effects on Warsaw?s relations with Kiev. Despite the best of intentions of political elites in both countries, the conditions the EU requires of Poland will inevitably have a deleterious impact on relations with Ukraine, particularly in terms of cross-borders trade and free movement of people, which is not desired by all Polish regions. The book thus explores how Warsaw and Kiev are attempting to balance EU and regional demands. (Chatham House)
    • Police misconduct, protraction and the mental health of accused police officers

      McDaniel, John; Moss, Kate; Pease, Ken; Singh, Paramjit; McDaniel, John LM; Moss, Kate; Pease, Ken G (Routledge, 2020-02-25)
      The chapter describes findings from a research project carried out in collaboration with one UK police force. The project was designed to examine and understand the force’s welfare practices towards officers accused of misconduct and the impact of prolonged misconduct investigations on the mental health and wellbeing of police officers, specifically police officers who were subsequently exonerated. The aim was to identify new opportunities for mental health support, points of avoidable delay, demotivation and embitterment, and stress-reducing possibilities throughout the misconduct process, and to produce a simple and clear evidence-based set of recommendations for improvement.
    • Police pay-contested and contestable

      Mather, Kim; Seifert, Roger; HRM and IR Group; Keele Management School; Keele Staffs Keele ST5 5BG UK; HRM and IR Group; Keele Management School; Keele Staffs Keele ST5 5BG UK (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2016-05-27)
      This paper provides an analysis of developments in the determination of police pay. It reveals the contested nature of public sector pay setting where the government of the day is given to short-term economic goals over and above any long-term approach to resolving staffing issues in the essential public services. In the case of the police, the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) has traditionally used both industrial and political methods to put pressure on key government decision-makers. Developments reveal increasingly fraught relations between the police and the government, with the 2008 pay dispute in particular remarking a key point of deterioration in this set of relations. Once it became clear after the 2010 general election that the government would ignore industrial pressure then the PFEW felt driven to increase the activities of its political arm. This ultimately backfired with Plebgate leaving them naked in the negotiating chamber
    • Policing public order and political contention

      Waddington, P. A. J. (Cullompton: Willan Publishing, 2003)
      This is one of the most ambitious books on policing ever written. It aims to provide a comprehensive but highly readable overview of policing in the UK, reflecting the transformations that have taken place in recent years and the increasing professionalisation of one of the country's most important services. It will be an essential text for anybody involved in the study of policing as a subject in its own right or as part of a broader criminal justice or criminology course, and a key source of reference for the police themselves -- it is by far the most comprehensive and authoritative book to have been written on the subject, combining the expertise of leading academic experts on policing and policing practitioners themselves. It will become an essential point of reference at a time of rapid change for the police, and constant debate about their role and function. (Willan)
    • Policing the industrial north of England 1777-1877: the control of labour at work, and in the streets

      Cox, David J; Godfrey, Barry S (Librairie Droz, 2016-06-01)
      Amongst the considerable and valuable canon of work on the introduction of public uniformed police services in the nineteenth-century, there has been a robust strand of research on privately-funded agencies of control. Whilst research on publicly-funded bodies has largely focused on order-maintenance and preventative crime-control; others have studied the protection that private policing agencies offered to sectional interests. This article seeks to make some connections between the activities of one particular private agency – the Worsted Committee and their Inspectorate – and the development of public policing in the West Riding of Yorkshire in the industrial north of England. In particular the article questions: how did a private agency designed to regulate private space and a public body (Bradford Borough Police) that was supposed to protect public order in public spaces find a working partnership in the mid- to late-nineteenth century; how successful was this unofficial arrangement; and what were the consequences that flowed from this notional partnership for the development of policing in the West Riding, and the control of labour in the workplace and in the streets?
    • Polish-Ukrainian Relations: A Strategic Partnership Conditioned by Externalities

      Wolczuk, Roman (London: Frank Cass Publishers (Taylor & Francis), 2003)
      This authoritative volume assesses how the recently democratized political system in Poland is adapting to the challenges posed by the country's adhesion to NATO which it joined in 1999. The contributors analyse Poland's performance as a newcomer. (Taylor & Francis)
    • Post-CMEA economic relations of former Soviet Bloc countries and Russia: Continuity and change

      Dangerfield, Martin (Leipziger Universitatsverlag, 2018-03-20)
      This article relects on how the economic and trade relations of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia with Russia have developed in the twenty years since the abolition of the CMEA. The article’s main indings are as follows. First, there have been two distinct phases in postCMEA trade patterns. After a long period of stagnation prior to EU accession, Russia has since become a signiicant export market for all three states. For the three, the build-up of export capacity during EU pre-accession was arguably more important than EU entry per se. Second, energy dependency, a key CMEA-era interconnection, has remained a signiicant feature of economic relations between Russia and the three throughout the post-CMEA era. Third, the growing importance of bilateral intergovernmental instruments charged with promoting trade and economic cooperation between Russia and the three has been a notable feature of the post-004 period. Fourth, the main political parties in each of the three tended to take diferent positions on economic relations with Russia. Yet changes of government seem to have been rather marginal in terms of both the conduct of economic relations with Russia and levels of trade and economic cooperation, especially in the post-004 period.
    • Post-Soviet Russia

      Penzin, Alexei; Szeman, Imre (Fordham University Press, 2016-10)
    • Power, Interdependence and Influence in Marketing Manager/Sales Manager Working Relationships

      Massey, Graham R.; Dawes, Philip L. (Academy of Marketing, 2008)
      Relationships between Marketing Managers and Sales Managers are amongst the most important working relationships within modern firms, though to date, these have received little attention in the literature. Our study adds to knowledge of this working relationship by examining the effects of Sales unit power, total interdependence between Marketing and Sales, and the type and effects of the influence tactics employed by Sales Managers in this important CFR. Our results suggest that not all influence tactics are effective in increasing a Sales Manager’s influence within the firm. Also, our findings provide support for the notion that managers of powerful departments are less likely to spend time and effort using influence tactics to secure peer managers’ cooperation and compliance. Conversely, where peer managers are highly interdependent, they will increase their use of a wide array of influence tactics to secure desired outcomes.
    • PowerPoint and pedagogy

      Burke, Deirdre; Apperley, Alan (University of Wolverhampton, 2004)
      PowerPoint began as a business package which allowed for the seductive presentation of information to achieve particular objectives, usually to sell a product. Many of the features were thus designed to impress prospective customers and persuade them to purchase a particular product, and guidance in manuals seeks to serve that purpose. This project grew out of a school staff development session where staff shared perceptions of PowerPoint and raised questions and concerns about pedagogy. Essentially the crucial question is how can a product designed for a different purpose assist us in the presentation of information in a teaching and learning situation?
    • ‘Practical Kabbala’: A translation into English of Leopoldo Lugones’s ‘Kábala práctica’ (1897)

      Hambrook, Glyn (Intellect Journals, 2014-04-01)
      This article presents a translation from the Spanish of ‘Kábala práctica’/‘Practical Kabbala’, a short story in the fantastic mode published in 1897, preceded by an essay that considers the place and function of translation in the British literary system based on a case study of this story and its Argentinian author, Leopoldo Lugones (1874–1938). The introductory essay explores the possibility that the limited and only recent reception of Lugones’s work in the United Kingdom is related, albeit not exclusively, to a persistent British intercultural myopia as far as non-anglophone literatures are concerned that may be attributed to the anglophone linguistic exclusivism that is one consequence of the hegemonic status of English. This leads, it is argued, to a consecratory approach, based on iconic ‘snapshots’, to incorporation of translation into the British literary system, rather than an exploratory approach that seeks to uncover the hinterland; in other words, an approach that treats non-anglophone literatures as the cultural equivalents of holiday hotspots rather than fully stipulated cultural-discursive systems in their own right. The case of Lugones serves to demonstrate that an exploratory approach (by translators) to non-anglophone literatures reveals writers and literary traditions whose significance places ‘consecrated’ writers such as fellow Argentinian but now ‘World’ Borges in a context necessary to the elucidation of their own significance.
    • Pre-appointment administration fees - papering over the cracks in pre-packs?

      Walton, Peter (Sweet & Maxwell, 2008)
      Considers the remuneration of insolvency practitioners for work done on pre-packaged administrations (pre-packs). Examines the proposed amendments to the Insolvency Rules 1986 dealing with pre-appointment expenses, the rights of unsecured creditors, management buy-outs and conflicts of interest, and concerns over the transparency and legitimacy of pre-packs.
    • Pre-Pack Empirical Research: Characteristic and Outcome Analysis of Pre-Pack Administration

      Walton, Peter; Umfreville, Christopher; Wilson, Paul (University of Wolverhampton, 2016-05)
    • Pre-packaged Administrations - Trick or Treat?

      Walton, Peter (Sweet and Maxwell Ltd., 2006)
      Discusses how the US idea of pre-packaged, or execution only, administration has been approached in the UK, involving deals that have already been agreed before a company enters administration. Comments on the use of pre-packs in the US. Explores the use of pre-packs in the UK and the possible grounds for challenging their existence, focusing on: (1) whether the Insolvency Act 1986 permits pre-packed administration; (2) the possibility that pre-packs may cause administrators to act in breach of duties, including statutory duties and conflict of interest issues; and (3) whether fees for pre-administration work could be claimed as expenses of the administration. (Legal Journals Index)
    • Pre-packs- patronus or dementor?

      Walton, Peter (R3 Association of Business Recovery Professionals, 2018-03)
      As fans of Harry Potter will be aware, a Dementor is a dark creature which glories in decay, draining happiness and hope from people and creating an atmosphere of misery and disturbance. A Patronus, on the other hand, is a positive force of hope and happiness providing the desire to survive. The purpose of this note is to consider whether the magic of a pre-packaged administration is more Patronus than Dementor. It is widely, but not universally, accepted that pre-packs often produce the best result for a company in financial distress. They often permit an ailing business to be sold, at a higher price than in liquidation, which safeguards the future of that business as a trading entity with minimal disruption and jobs saved.
    • Predicting hotel attractiveness via personality traits of applicants: the moderating role of self-esteem and work experience

      Bellou, Victoria; Stylos, Nikolaos; Rahimi, Roya (Emerald, 2018-10-08)
      Purpose – Despite the fact that hotels rely heavily upon frontline employees, extant evidence on what makes a hotel attractive in the eyes of job applicants is scarce. Thus, this study incorporates the Big Five (BF) personality traits model to identify what potential hotel job applicants are likely to seek in their prospective employers. Design/methodology/approach – Applicants for non-managerial, frontline posts at upscale hotels were approached via 3 branches of a career agency located in England, UK; their responses were gathered via a self-administered questionnaire. The 522 usable responses were utilized in a covariance-based, multi-group structural equation modeling scheme to investigate three main research propositions with regards to the applicants’ personality traits’ influence on their perceptions of a hotel’s attractiveness as a potential employer. Findings - Analysis of responses indicates significant differences regarding the impact of extraversion, conscientiousness and openness on perceived facets of employer attractiveness. Additionally, findings suggest that high self-esteem does make applicants more demanding while work experience also influences their preferences regarding the hotels’ profiles as an employer. Research limitations/implications - The results of this study are limited to applicants for non-managerial, frontline job positions in upscale hotels in the UK. Practical implications - Practically, this study offers practitioners valuable feedback regarding the potential applicant’s personality profile that grants the best fit with a hotel. Originality/value–While different studies tried to identify the organizations’ attributes that attract potential applicants, evidence on what attracts individuals to a hotel is very limited. Hence, the present study tries to address this gap and link potential applicants’ personality profiles with that of hotels as employers.
    • Predicting the entrepreneurial intentions of university students: applying the theory of planned behaviour in Zambia, Africa

      Mwiya, Bruce; Wang, Yong; Shikaputo, Chanda; Kaulungombe, Bernadette; Kayekesi, Maidah (Scientific Research Publishing Inc., 2017-08-21)
      The current paper contributes to the entrepreneurial intention (EI) literature by applying the theory of planned behaviour (TPB) in a developing African country with unique socio-economic and cultural context. Thus it examines the influence of social norms, personal attitudes and perceived behavioural control on business start-up intentions. Based on a quantitative approach, primary survey data were collected from 306 final year undergraduate students at a public university. The data were analyzed using correlation and hierarchical regression techniques. Controlling for age, gender and field of study, the findings indicate that each of the attitudinal antecedents is significantly positively related to EI, with an overall R2 = 0.543. For scholars, enterprise support practitioners and policy makers, the study shows that the TPB can be used to understand how to promote business start-up in developing countries with socio-economic and cultural contexts which are mostly different from developed countries where the subject is heavily researched. Specifically, mechanisms to develop entrepreneurial capabilities among citizens, improve societal norms and individual attitudes toward entrepreneurship would significantly promote entrepreneurship. The study also makes a valuable contribution to the under-researched context of Zambia and African entrepreneurship.
    • The prevalence and overlap of technology-assisted and offline adolescent dating violence

      Stonard, Karlie Emma (Springer, 2018-10-17)
      Research has established the nature and prevalence of offline Adolescent Dating Violence (ADV) and the role of Technology-Assisted Adolescent Dating Violence (TAADV) has been recently but slowly acknowledged, albeit primarily in the United States. Less research however, has examined such types of violence among British adolescences and the extent of overlap between the two forms of abuse. This paper examines the nature, prevalence and overlap of TAADV and offline ADV victimisation/instigation among a sample of adolescents in England. Four-hundred-and-sixty-nine adolescents (aged 12–18) completed questionnaires regarding their experience of TAADV and ADV. Findings revealed that TAADV involvement was prevalent and was generally characterised by both victimisation and instigation, except for sexual TAADV in which females were more likely to be identified as victims only. Technology appears to have provided new opportunities for victimisation and/or instigation of TAADV exclusively that may not have been possible before the development of such communication tools; however, some adolescents reported experiencing both TAADV and ADV. Implications of the findings are discussed and recommendations are made for future policy, practice and research.