• Beyond Camps and Forced Labour: Current International Research on Survivors of Nazi Persecution. Proceedings of the First International Multidisciplinary Conference at the Imperial War Museum, London, 29-31 January 2003

      Steinert, Johannes-Dieter; Weber-Newth, Inge (Osnabrűck: Secolo Verlag, 2005)
      In recent years the volume of international research on survivors of Nazi persecution has continually increased. At the same time there is a growing public interest in how survivors coped with their experiences and how they were treated by post-war societies. Researched topics are varied, as are the academic disciplines involved – often without taking much notice of each other. It is time to take stock of current research and to open up new perspectives for future work. This book and CD contain 70 selected contributions to the international multidisciplinary conference on Beyond Camps and Forced Labour. Current International Research on Survivors of Nazi Persecution which took place on 29 – 31 January 2003 at the Imperial War Museum, London (The 2nd conference took place in 2006). Edited CD-ROM and Booklet, includes Steinert & Weber Newth 'Beyond Camps and Forced Labour: Current International Research on Survivors of Nazi Persecution', pp. 1-27; Steinert 'British NGOs in Belsen Concentration Camp: Emergency Relief and the Perception of Survivors', pp. 44-57.
    • Dictionary of Traded Goods and Commodities, 1550-1820

      Cox, Nancy; Dannehl, Karin (Wolverhampton: University of Wolverhampton, 2007)
      A dictionary of nearly 4,000 terms found used in documents relating to trade and retail in early modern Britain. It represents part of a larger dataset produced by the Dictionary Project at the University of Wolverhampton. The team of Cox and Dannehl is responsible for the concept, development and delivery of the Dictionary Project, including identification and digitising of sources, recruitment of specialist contributors, writing the majority of the entries, the editing and refinement process, and the formulation and design of the delivery platform.