• A chaos/complexity theory approach to marketing in the turbulent South African business environment.

      Mason, Roger B. (San Diego: University Readers, 2007)
      This book consists of articles selected by the editors from the papers presented at the 2006 Leadership & Management Studies in Sub-Sahara Africa Conferences in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Conferences are presented by a voluntary association of individuals interested in improving the leadership and management competencies of Africans. Volume I details the association’s initial efforts consisting of empirical and theoretical research investigations and reviews of studies in the area. Topics range from core leadership issues, problems in management and leadership education, and business competitiveness to an exploration of the historical context of Sub-Sahara Africa. Coupled with the research data and theoretical concepts presented in the selected articles, this volume presents an in-depth look into the strategies directed to address these issues.
    • A computer-aided environment for construction of multiple-choice tests

      Mitkov, Ruslan; Ha, Le An; Bernardes, Jon (University of Wolverhampton, 2005)
      Multiple choice tests have proved to be an efficient tool for measuring students' achievement and are used on a daily basis both for assessment and diagnostics worldwide. The objective of this project was to provide and alternative to the lengthy and demanding activity of developing multiple-choice tests and propose a new Natural Language Processing (NLP) based approach to generate tests from instructional texts (textbooks, encyclopaedias). Work on the pilot project has shown that the semi-automatic procedure is up to 3.8 times quicker than a completely manual one.
    • A Dynamic Programming Approach to Improving Translation Memory Matching and Retrieval Using Paraphrases

      Gupta, Rohit; Orăsan, Constantin; Liu, Qun; Mitkov, Ruslan; Sojka, Petr; Horak, Ales; Kopecek, Ivan (Springer, 2016-09)
      Translation memory tools lack semantic knowledge like paraphrasing when they perform matching and retrieval. As a result, paraphrased segments are often not retrieved. One of the primary reasons for this is the lack of a simple and efficient algorithm to incorporate paraphrasing in the TM matching process. Gupta and Orăsan [1] proposed an algorithm which incorporates paraphrasing based on greedy approximation and dynamic programming. However, because of greedy approximation, their approach does not make full use of the paraphrases available. In this paper we propose an efficient method for incorporating paraphrasing in matching and retrieval based on dynamic programming only. We tested our approach on English-German, English-Spanish and English-French language pairs and retrieved better results for all three language pairs compared to the earlier approach
    • Accumulation and Working Class Exploitation, Some Origins of 1956 in Hungary.

      Haynes, Michael J. (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007)
      This chapter: Mike Haynes looks at the origins of the Hungarian revolt, in terms of workplace politics while Anne Alexander reviews the impact that Suez had on Nasser s reputation within the Arab world and Arab nationalist politics. In the afternoon there was a widening of the focus. This book: ‘Through the Smoke of Budapest 50 Years On’, The February 2006 Conference of the London Socialist Historians Group was held at the Institute of Historical Research in central London, one of a series of such conferences over the previous ten years. Assembled were a modest group of academics and activists come to mark the 50th anniversary of the events of 1956, and to do so in a particular way. Firstly by presenting new historical research on the questions under review rather than trotting out tired orthodoxies. Secondly by linking historical inquiry to political activism. It was queried why such a conference was held in February 2006 rather than in the autumn, and the answer was a simple one. To intervene historically in the debates of the year by setting a socialist historical agenda for doing so.
    • Air Power and the Modern World

      Buckley, John (London, Routledge (Taylor & Francis), 2003)
      This book: Conflict is central to human history. It is often the cause, course and consequence of social, cultural and political change. Military history therefore has to be more than a technical analysis of armed conflict. War in the Modern World since 1815 addresses war as a cultural phenomenon, discusses its meaning in different socities and explores the various contexts of military action. Each chapter takes a geographic area and provides an in-depth analysis of its military history. Areas and subjects range from Japan and China to Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa, breaking away from a Western focus on war history and offering a global perspective. The result is a unique study of war across the world in the last 200 years, showing connections, similarities and contrasts.
    • Althusser entre Spinoza et Lacan

      Pippa, Stefano; Morfino, Vittorio. (Publications of Centre Culturel International de Cerisy, 2017-05)
    • Améliorer la gouvernance forestière à travers la formation et les forums sur la gouvernance forestière

      Mbzibain, Aurelian; Nyirenda, Richard; Haruna, Ella; Pavey, Marc; Begum, Rufsana (L'Harmattan, 2020-04-08)
      The objective of this paper is to share lessons learned from the capacity building model of the Centre for international development and training (CIDT) during the past five years to improve forest governance. The model develops individual, organisational and institutional capacities and creates accountability platforms that facilitate intercountry learning. This model operates on three levels: international, regional and national. The first component is a training and mentoring program in the United Kingdom that targets forest governance champions who occupy intermediate positions in the government, in the private sector and in civil society around the world. This component is complemented by a series of high-level regional Forums on forest governance (FFG), organized in some countries (Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia and Ghana) and by capacity-building events at national level adapted and delivered jointly with local partners. The data used in this paper are taken from an online survey of former students, participants in the regional forums and 80 interviews with different stakeholders from 15 countries. The results show significant improvements in the knowledge, skills, attitudes and confidence of course participants, demonstrating the effective application of learning and multiplier effects on land. In addition, the value of North-South and South-South trade is evidenced by the creation of networks and alliances of champions of forest governance. The results also demonstrate the innovative capacity of FFG as a space for international accountability and learning, in particular because they ensure that the momentum of the reforms on forest governance is maintained at national, regional and international level.
    • An evaluation of the perceived value and effectiveness of the Continuous Professional Development Journal for postgraduate Human Resource Management Diploma students and their employers

      Maiden, Barbara (University of Wolverhampton, 2005)
      Research undertaken with groups of first and second year Postgraduate Human Resource Management Diploma students at the University of Wolverhampton Business School. As part of their assessment in the first year students are required to undertake a work based project and accompanying reflective journal in order to develop a holistic approach to using their theoretical learning in practice. In the second year they are required to continue the process of maintaining a development journal to meet professional requirements and to build on their reflective practice. A pilot study of 19 postgraduate students indicated that there was little enthusiasm or genuine engagement with the process of maintaining a learning journal and it appeared that students were missing a valuable learning opportunity.
    • An evaluation of the use of formative assessment for general management students in promoting learning of Finance and Accounting

      Lowbridge, Robin; Price, Mark (University of Wolverhampton, 2005)
      Discusses a research project to evaluate the effectiveness of formative assessment as a diagnostic and developmental tool for improving the learning experience of students studying Financial Management and Accounting at the University of Wolverhampton Business School.
    • An Examination of Independent Inventor Integration in Open Innovation

      Smeilus, Gavin; Pollard, Andrew; Harris, Robert J. (IGI Global, 2011-09)
    • An Examination of Independent Inventor Integration in Open Innovation

      Smeilus, Gavin; Pollard, Andrew; Harris, Robert J (IGI Global, 2012)
      Open Innovation allows independent inventors to become suppliers of new product ideas to businesses. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of independent inventor approaches, to companies operating Open Innovation mechanisms, result in a commercialised product. Preliminary Critical Success Factors proposed in the previous chapter seek to improve the ability of independent inventors to operate as effective suppliers of new product ideas to businesses through Open Innovation. This chapter will take the preliminary critical success factors proposed in the previous chapter and utilise them as priori constructs (Eisenhardt, 1989) as evidence is sought through case study for their presence or non-presence in a practical context. A case study on the Caparo RightFuel, an automotive device originating from an independent inventor and commercialised through an Open Innovation model, forms the basis of this chapter.
    • An overview of the pre-insolvency procedures in the United Kingdom and South Africa

      Kastrinou, Aleksandra; Jacobs, Lezelle; Van Der Rest, Jean-Pierre; Adriaanse, Jan (Routledge, 2017-01)
    • Approach to learning undertaken by undergraduate distance learning students in law

      Mitchell, Brian; Williams, Stuart; Evans, Judith; Halstead, Peter (University of Wolverhampton, 2001)
    • Blasphemy, religious rights and harassment: A workplace study

      Hambler, Andrew; Temperman, Jeroen; Koltay, Andras (Cambridge University Press, 2017)
    • Britain

      Durham, Martin (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2003)
      This book: What attracts women to far-right movements that appear to denigrate them? This question has vexed feminist scholars for decades, and has led to lively debates in the academy. During the 1980s, scholars produced many studies of women, gender, and fascism in twentieth-century Europe. This volume makes a major new contribution to those studies and casts fresh light on questions such as women's responsibility for the collapse of democracy in interwar Europe, the relationship between the women's movement and the extreme right, and the relationships between conceptions of national identity (especially racial conceptions) and gender. Bringing emerging scholarship on Central and Eastern Europe alongside that of more established Western European historiography on the topic, the essays cover Serbia, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, and Poland in addition to Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Britain, and conclude with a European-wide perspective. As a whole, the volume provides a compelling comparative examination of this important topic.
    • British Armoured Operations in Normandy, June-August 1944

      Buckley, John (London: Routledge (Taylor & Francis), 2006)
      With essays from leading names in military history, this new book re-examines the crucial issues and debates of the D-Day campaign. It tackles a range of core topics, placing them in their current historiographical context, to present new and sometimes revisionist interpretations of key issues, such as the image of the Allied armies compared with the Germans, the role of air power, and the lessons learned by the military from their operations. As the Second World War is increasingly becoming a field of revisionism, this book sits squarely within growing debates, shedding new light on topics and bringing current thinking from our leading military and strategic historians to a wider audience. This book will be of great interest to students of the Second World War, and of military and strategic studies in general. (Routledge)
    • Celebrity Creatures: The ‘Starification’ of the Cinematic Animal

      Hockenhull, Stella; Qiong Yu, Sabrina; Austin, Guy (Edinburgh University Press, 2016)
    • Concluding reflections and presentation of an EBOCD conceptual process model

      Hamlin, Robert G.; Jones, Jenni; Ellinger, Andrea D.; Hamlin, R. G.; Ellinger, A. D.; Jones, J.; Hamlin, R. G.; Ellinger, A. D; Jones, J. (IGI GlobalHershey, Pennsylvania, 2018-12-31)
      This chapter begins by presenting a synopsis of insights on EBOCD practice gleaned from the Section 2 chapters, and a range of extant and emergent generalized (common) insights and lessons about evidencebased initiatives for OCD that have resulted from a multiple cross-case comparative analysis of the 33 reflective case histories presented in Section 3. It then offers a response to the skepticisms expressed by McLean and Kim, the authors of Chapter 52, about the reality of EBOCD ever existing beyond what they suggest could be outlier case history examples of OCD by drawing attention to the wide range of extant best evidence that informed them. The chapter concludes with an EBOCD Conceptual Process Model which offers a pathway forward for bridging the reputed research-practice gap in the field of OCD and HRD, and for generating new bodies of best evidence and practice-to-theory research opportunities.
    • Constructing East Germany: Interpretations of GDR History since Unification

      Dennis, Mike (2004)
      This book: The system transformation after German unification in 1990 constituted an experiment on an unprecedented scale. At no point in history had one state attempted to redesign another without conquest, bloodshed or coercion but by treaties, public policy and bureaucratic processes. Unification was achieved by erasing the eastern political and economic model. However, in the meantime it has become clear that the same cannot be said about social transformation. On the contrary, social and cultural attitudes and differentiation have continued and resulted in deep divisions between West and East Germany. After unification, the injustices of politics seemed to have been replaced, in the eyes of most former GDR citizens, by unexpected injustices in the personal spheres of ordinary people who lost their jobs and faced unknown realities of deprivation and social exclusion. These are the main concerns of the contributors to this volume. Incorporating new research findings and published data, they focus on key aspects of economic, political, and social transformation in eastern Germany and compare, through case studies, each area with developments in the West.
    • Court Connected Construction Mediation Practice in England and Wales

      Brooker, Penny; Agapiou, Andrew; Ilter, Deniz (Routledge, 2016-08)