• The Influence of the Internet on B-to-B International Marketing Activities An Empirical Study of the UK Companies

      Eid, Riyad; Elbeltagi, Ibraheem (Haworth Press, 2006)
      Business-to-Business International Internet Marketing (B2B IIM) has emerged as one of the key drivers in sustaining an organisation's competitive advantage. Market entry and communication via the Internet have affected the dynamics and traditional process in B2B commerce. The critical question for companies today is what should be done to find leverage points that could result in greater success of this kind of business and how are market-oriented activities affected by the use of the internet. However, few empirical studies have been done regarding B2B IIM that are affected by the use of the Internet, and the effect of that on B2B marketing efficiency. By studying the practice of 123 UK B2B companies, it has been found that the use of the Internet positively influences B2B international marketing by its two dimensions, B2B international marketing activities and B2B marketing activities which reflect positively on the marketing efficiency.