• A view through a window: Social relations, material objects and locality

      Hirsch, Shirin; Smith, Andrew (SAGE Publications Ltd, 2017-07-28)
      In this article the authors ask what it would mean to think sociologically about the window as a specific material and symbolic object. Drawing on qualitative analysis of a series of comparative interviews with residents in three different streets in a diverse local area of Glasgow, they explore what the use and experience of windows tells us about their respondents’ very different relationships to the places where they live. On the one hand, the window, as a material feature of the home, helps us grasp the lived reality of class inequality and how such inequality shapes people’s day-to-day experience. On the other hand, windows are symbolically charged objects, existing at the border of the domestic and public world. For this reason, they feature in important ways in local debates over the appearance, ownership and conservation of the built environment. The article explores these struggles, and shows what they reveal about the construction of belonging in the neighbourhood, a process which is both classed and racialised at one and the same time.
    • 'Pavements grey of the imprisoning city': the articulation of a pro-rural and anti-urban ideology in the youth hostels association in the 1930s

      Cunningham, M. (SAGE Publications Ltd, 2016-05-06)
      The YHA was a self-professed non-political organisation that promoted the provision of cheap accommodation for walkers and cyclists. Despite this non-political stance, the literature of the YHA in the 1930s reveals a consistent pro-rural and anti-urban ideology. This article examines the articulation of this ideology and locates it both within a longer tradition of such sentiments in England and also within the social and cultural concerns of the decade.
    • Travel motivations of Iranian tourists to Turkey and their satisfaction level with all-inclusive package tours

      Sani, Rana Allahyari; Okumus, Fevzi; Rahimi, Roya; Özturk, Yuksel (SAGE Publications Ltd, 2017-08-24)
      This study aims to investigate Iranian tourists’ travel motivations to Turkey and their satisfaction level with all-inclusive package tours to this country. Based on an in-depth literature review, a questionnaire was developed and data were collected from 383 Iranian tourists who stayed in resort hotels in Antalya, Turkey. The research findings reveal that entertainment, being a family friendly destination, weather, cultural resources and quality of resort hotels were the main motivational factors among Iranian tourists for visiting Turkey. Main reasons for the participants for selecting all-inclusive package tours include predetermined schedules, service quality, set price and elimination of extra spending. The research findings show a high level of satisfaction with all-inclusive package tours. However, there were differences among respondents based on gender and age. The study concludes with offering specific theoretical and practical implications. Suggestions for future research are also provided.