• Developing effective managers and leaders within healthcare and social care contexts: an evidence-based approach.

      Cooper, D. J.; Hamlin, Robert G. (Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), 2007)
      This book: Across Europe and the world, countries are attempting to develop their health and social policies and practices to address the global challenge of increasing demand and pressurized supply, created by ageing populations, emerging technologies and finite resources (financial and human). This text provides examples of attempts to develop HRD practices in health and social care contexts within France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Romania, Russia, the UK and the USA. Thus, the book is European and international in both scope and appeal.
    • Towards evidence-based management development.

      Hamlin, Robert G. (Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), 2007)
      This book: Recognizing a significant need to continually update the current body of knowledge on management development with the latest innovations in high quality research and practice in various parts of the globe, this book provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date work on the state of research and practice in management development. Hill and Stewart provide examples of both management development research and practice to inform and stimulate future research and to encourage the use of research-based practice in organizations. In particular, the book: • - Explores and assesses the various and varying meanings attached to the term ‘management development’ and its use • - Provides a range of examples of research and practice to inform and support the teaching of management development as a subject • - Provides a resource to HR practitioners and line managers to develop research-based and critically analyzed management development interventions. Drawing on the expertise of a wide array of contributors, the term ‘management development’ is explored and critically analyzed both conceptually and practically. This impressive volume is essential reading for students and academics across a range of sub-disciplines including human resources development, human resources management and leadership.