• Electricity generation Using a hybridized zeolite adsorption heatpump and heat engine

      Labik, Linus Kweku; Kwakye-Awuah, Bright; Sefa-Ntiri, Baah; Abavare, Eric Kwabena Kyeh; Nkrumah, Isaac; Williams, Craig (Canadian Center of Science and Education, 2020-07-31)
      The use of adsorption in Thermal Energy Storage has gained considerable research interest of late. Some applications have focused on the use of TES for transformation of low temperature heat in applications such as cooling and heating. Zeolite and water have been studied as suitable materials. Their characteristics as environmentally friendly materials and high affinity makes them conspicuous. The unique properties of zeolites to hold adsorbed water/heat with very minimal loss is also significant. With the aid of a dynamo, a Stirling engine as heat engine and the adsorption energy storage system serving as heat pump was used to generate electricity. The relationship between electricity generation and temperature was investigated. The obtained average temperature and pressure of the zeolite - water adsorption heat pump was also compared with the basic adsorption cycle.