• A Smart City Concept for Improving Alteration and Refurbishment of Buildings

      Oloke, David (CIB World Building Congress 2019, 2019-06-20)
      The need for local councils, housing associations, housing developers and others in the UK and other developed/emerging economies with a relatively large portfolio of buildings to review their maintenance, alteration and refurbishment procedure constantly cannot be over-emphasized. As housing stock continue to age, the need to make them more sustainable in use and performance continues to increase as well and as such the demand to alter and refurbish continues to increase. Traditionally, alteration and refurbishment of the buildings have be carried out on the basis of need or by using a fixed (preventive or reactive) maintenance programme. However, the advent of Building Information Modelling (BIM), the use of smart devices, the Internet of Things and other smart city elements are now offering the industry the opportunity to leverage the potential of the smart city concept to explore the opportunities being offered. Based on an on-going research work that seeks to improve the building alteration and refurbishment process, this work uses a case study to demonstrate a conceptual approach that can enhance the maintenance and refurbishment programmes of properties based on the smart city concept. The concept examines the potential of property maintenance and refurbishment at a micro and macro level and highlights the perceived benefits. The direction of future work is also stated as part of the work as a precursor to engendering wider debate and implementation.