• Knowledge management and artificial intelligence (AI)

      Renukappa, Suresh; Suresh, Subashini; Jallow, Haddy (Academic Conferences and Publishing International Ltd, 2020-12-03)
      The fourth industrial revolution known as Industry 4.0 is said to increase the opportunities and industry potential with the use of digitisation aids. The digitisation of the construction industry is becoming very important as processes, quality and efficiency are being focused on a lot more. Within the construction industry, knowledge management (KM) is a key part of learning from past mistakes on previous projects. As part of Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the technologies that could provide a potential to the construction industry through gathering knowledge from previous projects to determine future project outcomes. Therefore, this research focusses on AI and its abilities to improve KM for the construction industry in the UK. Qualitative research approach was adopted to collect and analyse the data. A total of 10 semi-structured interviews were conducted with managers within the construction industry. Results show that organisation have already implemented some sort of AI systems within projects and organisations in order to allow for better KM. Combining AI systems into Common Data Environments can help employees in finding documents easier with a unique ID or referenced words. It is concluded that AI systems can be built and used in order to assist with the KM processes that businesses have already implemented. It is recommended that there is a need for developing a business model canvas of implementing AI to benefit from KM within organisations in order to identify the difference between the business processes without AI for KM and with AI being used to assist KM.