• Limited design life in geosynthetic materials

      Sarsby, Robert W. (Abington: Woodhead Publishing Ltd. ALSO: CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group), 2007)
      THE BOOK: Discusses the fundamentals of geosynthetics. Examines various applications in areas such as filters, separators, landfills and foundation materials. Reviews quality assurance and the service life of geosynthetics. Geosynthetics are man-made polymer-based materials which facilitate cost effective building, environmental, transportation and other construction projects. Given their versatility, geosynthetics are a vital material in all aspects of civil engineering. Part 2 examines the various applications of geosynthetics in areas such as filters, separators, landfills, barriers and foundation materials. THIS CHAPTER: - Introduction - Limited life of geotextile concept - Natural fibres as industrial materials - Agro-industrial fibres - Vegetable fibre characteristics - Erosion control - Basal reinforcement of embankments on soft soil - Conclusions - References.