• Finite Element Simulation of Multipass Welding: Full Three-Dimensional Versus Generalized Plane Strain or Axisymmetric Models

      Jiang, Wei; Yahiaoui, Kadda; Laoui, Tahar (Professional Engineering Publishing, 2005)
      A full three-dimensional (3D) thermo-mechanical finite element (FE) model has been developed to simulate the step-by-step multipass welding process. Non-linearities associated with welding, such as a moving heat source, material deposition, temperature-dependent material properties, latent heat, and large deformations, were taken into account. The model was applied to multipass butt-welded mild steel plate and girth butt-welded stainless steel pipe for validation. The simulation results were compared with independently obtained experimental data and numerical predictions from two-dimensional (2D) generalized plane strain and axisymmetric models. Good agreements between the 3D predictions and experimental data have been obtained. The computational model has the potential to be applied to multipass welded complex geometries for residual stress prediction. (Professional Engineering Publishing)