• The AIR model (Activities, Internal world, Relationships): a pragmatic framework for evaluating co-design

      Gosling, Julie; Craven, Michael; Dening, Tom; Coleston-Shields, Dons; Aberturas, Adriana; Martin, Sandra; Munoz, Marcos; Ruiz, Guillermo; Bueno, Yolanda; Almedia, Rosa; et al. (TUD press, 2019-11-13)
      A pragmatic model, AIR (Activities; Internal world; Relationships), is presented for co-design of technologies and products to support well-being of people living with dementia. This model, co-developed with people with lived experience, is aimed at including psychosocial aspects in the prototype development process. The model is then related to a form of mindful evaluation framework that can be employed during the prototype testing of co-designed solutions. The components of this evaluation framework and associated instruments are described.