• Collective writing: the continuous struggle for meaning-making

      Jandrić, Petar; Luke, Timothy; Sturm, Sean; McLaren, Peter; Jackson, Liz; MacKenzie, Alison; Tesar, Marek; Georgina, Stewart; Peter, Roberts; Abegglen, Sandra; et al. (Springer, 2022-07-15)
      This paper is a summary of philosophy, theory, and practice arising from collective writing experiments conducted between 2016 and 2022 in the community associated with the Editors’ Collective and more than 20 scholarly journals. The main body of the paper summarises the community’s insights into the many faces of collective writing. Appendix 1 presents the workflow of the article’s development. Appendix 2 lists approximately 100 collectively written scholarly articles published between 2016 and 2022. Collective writing is a continuous struggle for meaning-making, and our research insights merely represent one milestone in this struggle. Collective writing can be designed in many different ways, and our workflow merely shows one possible design that we found useful. There are many more collectively written scholarly articles than we could gather, and our reading list merely offers sources that the co-authors could think of. While our research insights and our attempts at synthesis are inevitably incomplete, ‘Collective Writing: The Continuous Struggle for Meaning-Making’ is a tiny theoretical steppingstone and a useful overview of sources for those interested in theory and practice of collective writing.
    • Teaching in the age of Covid-19—1 year later

      Jandrić, Petar; Hayes, David; Levinson, Paul; Christensen, Line Lisberg; Lukoko, Happiness Onesmo; Kihwele, Jimmy Ezekiel; Brown, James Benedict; Reitz, Charles; Mozelius, Peter; Nejad, Harry G; et al. (Springer, 2021-08-10)