• The Violent Workplace

      Waddington, P. A. J.; Badger, Douglas; Bull, Ray (Cullompton: Willan Publishing, 2005)
      The threat of violence concerns most people most profoundly. It has long been a topic of intensive academic, practical and political debate. In recent years the workplace has emerged, as a recognized site of violence, threat and menace and this book will make a significant contribution to the growing literature on workplace violence. Using innovative research methods, it uniquely examines four of the most violence-prone occupations: the police; accident and emergency staff; social workers; and mental health professionals. "The Violent Workplace" identifies similarities and differences between these occupations that are far from intuitive. It will examine the diversity of experiences that shelter under the concept of 'violence and threats'; promote the importance of the 'moral dimension' in experiences of violence; analyze the impact of appearance and reputation in creating fear; discuss the importance of context in creating a sense of menace; and conclude by considering the practical implications of this research for handling violence and managing those who have suffered it. (Willan)