• Merchantman or quasi-warship? R v Fogg and Secretary of State for Defence and Short.

      Williams, Michael V. (Lawtext Publishing, 2007)
      Comments on the Court of Appeal ruling in R. (on the application of Fogg) v Secretary of State for Defence on whether the wreck of a merchant vessel which had been sunk by German boats should be protected as a designated site under the Protection of Military Remains Act 1986. Considers the interpretation of the definition of military service.
    • Protecting Maritime Military Remains: A New Regime for the United Kingdom

      Williams, Michael V. (Lawtext Publishing, 2001)
      Reform proposals in consultation paper on 1986 Act, including legal status of maritime military remains, definition of protected places, designation of controlled sites, criminal offences and areas of remaining difficulty.
    • War graves and salvage: murky waters?

      Williams, Michael V. (Lawtext Publishing, 2000)
      Legal status of war graves contained in warships, background to debate, passing and operation of 1986 Act, restrictions on salvage, administrative policy and Ministry of Defence's attitude. (Legal Journals Index)