• The Nottingham Burglary Risk Index

      Moss, Kate; Ardley, Jenny (Criminal Justice Press, 2006)
      The role of imagination in preventing crime, as exemplified in the career of British criminologist Ken Pease, is celebrated in volume 21 of Crime Prevention Studies. Professor Pease's hundreds of published works include pioneering studies of repeat victimization, situational crime prevention, victimization surveys, crime displacement, predicting crime futures, crime science, and many other topics. In tribute to Dr. Pease, colleagues and former students have contributed 13 chapters to this volume that build upon his groundbreaking research. Chapter topics include: a "prospective obituary" of Ken Pease; from crime prevention to crime science; making offenders "richer"; common pitfalls in crime prevention; confusion, conflict and contradiction in designing out crime; has the UK's Crime & Disorder Act been effective?; measuring burglary risk; identifying risky facilities; the impact of crime on male victims; the effects of CCTV on crime; perceived disorders and property crime; burglary prediction; and repeat victimization in prisons. In addition to the co-editors, the contributors include: Rachel Armitage, Jenny Ardley, Trevor H. Bennett, Sylvia Chenery, John Eck, Ronald Clarke, Paul Ekblom, Steve Everson, David Farrington, Rob Guerette, Gloria Laycock, Kate Moss, Nick Ross, Mandy Shaw, Nick Tilley, Andromachi Tseloni, Brandon Welsh, P-O. Wikstrom, and Peter Woodhouse. (Criminal Justice Press)