• Evaluation of Specialist Domestic Violence Courts/Fast Track Systems

      Cook, Dee; Burton, Mandy; Robinson, Amanda; Vallely, Christine (Commissioned by the Crown Prosecution Service and the Department for Constitutional Affairs, 2004)
      Overall, our research indicates the notable and positive benefits of Specialist Domestic Violence Courts and Fast Track Systems in three key ways: • Both ‘clustering’ and ‘fast-tracking’ DV cases enhances the effectiveness of court and support services for victims. • Both SDVC and FTS arrangements make advocacy and information-sharing easier to accomplish. • Victim participation and satisfaction is improved and thus public confidence in the CJS is increased. All the courts have created the infrastructure necessary for continued improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency in dealing with domestic violence cases Such courts enable the development of best practice in multi-agency, integrated ways of working that place the victim at the heart of the process.