• Deep Cognitive Neural Network (DCNN)

      Howard, Newton; Adeel, Ahsan; Gogate, Mandar; Hussain, Amir (US Patent and Trademark Office, 2019-05-23)
      Embodiments of the present systems and methods may provide a more efficient and low-powered cognitive computational platform utilizing a deep cognitive neural network (DCNN), incorporating an architecture that integrates convolutional feedforward and recurrent networks , and replaces multi - layer perceptron (MLP) based sigmoidal neural structures with a queuing theory-driven design. For example, in an embodiment, a circuit may comprise a plurality of layers of neural network circuitry, each layer comprising a plurality of neuron circuits, each neuron comprising a plurality of computational circuits, and each neuron connected to a plurality of other neurons in the same layer by synapse circuitry, wherein the plurality of layers of neural network circuitry are adapted to process symbolic and conceptual information.