• Trust aware crowd associated network-based approach for optimal waste management in smart cities

      Han, Choy Kok; Sadiq, Ali Safaa; Mirjalili, Seyedali; Tahir, Adam; Ghafoor, Kayhan Zrar; Curran, Kevin; Kong, Linghe; Sadiq, Ali Safa (CRC Press, 2020-12-30)
      Waste management has been a serious issue in urban areas due to the population growth. An appropriate solid waste management system is needed to improve the cleanliness of the environment. On the other hand, the rapid growth of the wide adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) within the context of smart cities has motivated numerous number of studies investigating new solutions that could be helpful in mitigating and solving the waste management issue. Despite the existence of such methods have been introduced and used in managing waste’s location, volume and the optimal path for collection, yet these IoT based technologies are vulnerable to misinformation kinds of cyber attack. Consequently these types of attacks will yield crucial impact on the decided collection path and the frequency of garbage trucks visiting the fake reported waste points, which obviously costs money and time. Hence, this chapter proposes a trusted crowd associated network architecture that uses a group of components to monitor waste and provide optimum collection route for the garbage truck. Netlogo a multi-agent platform has been used to simulate a real time monitoring on waste management as a proof of concept. Our proposed approach measures the waste level data then updates and records them continuously. An optimal route will then be provided to the garbage truck for the optimal waste’s collection once a certain number of bins have reached a predefined threshold (combination of weight and height values). Three simulation scenarios are defined, implemented, and their results have been validated. The performance measure shows that our proposed solution could provide an aid waste management companies in reducing cost and time in the waste collection process, which supports the integration plans of IoT technology within smart cities.