• Operation and planning of distribution networks with integration of renewable distributed generators considering uncertainties: A review

      Zubo, RHA; Mokryani, G; Rajamani, HS; Aghaei, J; Niknam, T; Pillai, P (Elsevier BV, 2016-10-29)
      © 2016 Elsevier Ltd Distributed generators (DGs) are a reliable solution to supply economic and reliable electricity to customers. It is the last stage in delivery of electric power which can be defined as an electric power source connected directly to the distribution network or on the customer site. It is necessary to allocate DGs optimally (size, placement and the type) to obtain commercial, technical, environmental and regulatory advantages of power systems. In this context, a comprehensive literature review of uncertainty modeling methods used for modeling uncertain parameters related to renewable DGs as well as methodologies used for the planning and operation of DGs integration into distribution network. The authors strongly recommend this review to researchers, scientists and engineers who are working in this field of research work.