• V-MCM-41 as selective catalyst for epoxidation of olefins and trans-2-hexene-1-ol.

      Farzaneh, Farzin; Zamanifar, Elham; Williams, Craig D. (Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2004)
      Vanadium containing MCM-41(V-MCM-41) was synthesized by one pot synthesis and characterized by spectroscopic techniques. The oxidation of olefins such as 1-hexene, cyclohexene, cyclopentene, norbornene and trans-2-hexene-1-ol with tertiary butyl hydroperoxide (TBHP) in the presence of V-MCM-41 as catalyst in different solvents(CH2Cl2, CH3CN, CH3OH·CHCl3) is described. It was found that V-MCM-41 in refluxing CHCl3 was very reactive for epoxidation of trans-2-hexene-1-ol with 52% reactivity and 100% selectivity. Oxidation of trans-2-hexene-1-ol to the corresponding epoxide in the absence of solvent was successfully carried out with the enhancement of reactivity to 94%.