• Suitability of MANET Protocols for Heterogeneous Mobile Devices Communication in Gaming and Multimedia

      Salim, Aly; Mehdi, Qasim (University of Wolverhampton, School of Computing and Information Technology, 2008)
      The improvement and development of MANET protocols has been widely researched in order to bring about new technology with the rapidly developing field. More emphasis has been placed on development of protocols with some improvements focused on one issue in MANETs (ECMANSI, MANSI, ZRP, DVMRP) than working on all round MANET that would significantly tackle most if not all issues with MANET protocols so far (FLIP). However, there has also been more emphasis on development of non demanding applications that are not included multiplayer gaming and real-time multimedia content rich streaming applications. This paper looks at the use of mobile devices in gaming and multimedia rich applications. It proposes a protocol, which is in development that offers better efficiency, reliability, robustness and adaptability of wireless communication.
    • Towards Suitable Communication Protocols For Mobile Multiplayer Games on Heterogeneous Mobile Devices

      Salim, Aly; Mehdi, Qasim (The University of Wolverhampton, School of Computing and Information Technology, 2007)
      Currently research into communication protocols with regards to multiplayer gaming requirements has been sparse. There are a number of surveys on multicasting in mobile device communication which addresses latency reduction, density and traffic. Moreover, these studies have not addressed multiplayer gaming issues. Recent research in the area of mobile devices has focused in mobile communication and distribution systems for homogeneous devices but they have not fully addressed communication between heterogeneous devices. This work investigates suitable communication protocols for mobile multiplayer games on heterogeneous mobile devices. In particular issues such as scalability, reliability, bandwidth and data transportation time of communication systems and content distribution of mobile heterogeneous devices will be addressed. This paper proposes a hybrid protocol solution that addresses communication issues related to heterogeneous mobile devices as existing MANET protocols seem to lack the capability of solving these issues collectively.