• Digital refocusing: all-in-focus image rendering based on holoscopic 3D camera

      Fatah, Obaidullah Abdul; Lanigan, Peter; Aggoun, Amar; Swash, Mohammad Rafiq (Scientific Research Publishing, Inc., 2016-05-30)
      This paper presents an innovative method for digital refocusing of different point in space after capturing and also extracts all-in-focus image. The proposed method extracts all-in-focus image using Michelson contrast formula hence, it helps in calculating the coordinates of the 3D object location. With light field integral camera setup the scene to capture the objects precisely positioned in a measurable distance from the camera therefore, it helps in refocusing process to return the original location where the object is focused; else it will be blurred with less contrast. The highest contrast values at different points in space can return the focused points where the objects are initially positioned as a result; all-in-focus image can also be obtained. Detailed experiments are conducted to demonstrate the credibility of proposed method with results.