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Title: Burst Strength Analysis of Casing with Geometrical Imperfections
Authors: Huang, Xiaoguang
Chen, Yanyun
Lin, Kai
Mihsein, Musa
Kibble, Kevin A.
Hall, Richard
Citation: Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 129(4): 763-770
Publisher: ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
Journal: Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology
Issue Date: 2007
DOI: 10.1115/1.2767370
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Abstract: Accurately predicting the burst strength is very important in the casing design for the oil and gas industry. In this paper, finite element analysis is performed for an infinitely long thick walled casing with geometrical imperfections subjected to internal pressure. A comparison with a series of full-scale experiments was conducted to verify the accuracy and reliability of the finite element analysis. Furthermore, three predictive equations were evaluated using the test data, and the Klever equation was concluded to give the most accurate prediction of burst strength. The finite element analysis was then extended to study the effects of major factors on the casing burst strength. Results showed that the initial eccentricity and material hardening parameter had important effects on the burst strength, while the effect of the initial ovality was small. (ASME)
Type: Article
Language: en
Description: The research presented advances the understanding of the accurate prediction of burst strength in the drill casings used in the offshore oil and gas industry. The derived predictive equations involve a Limit-State-Design methodology, a methodology common in building structures, but novel in its application to drill casings. The potential exploitation of the software algorithms is currently being evaluated.
Keywords: Finite element analysis
Gas industry
Oil drilling
Mechanical properties
Design optimisation
Maintenance engineering
Engineering technology
Burst strength
Drill casings
ISSN: 00949930
Appears in Collections: Engineering and Technology

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