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Title: Intelligent Remote Speed Control of Foresight Trucks with Driver Interface
Authors: Rangwala, Norman
Nwagboso, Christopher
Rendell, Nick
Citation: SAE Technical Papers, Document Number: 2002-01-0825
Publisher: SAE International
Issue Date: 2002
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Abstract: The paper presents a road-to-vehicle based speed adaptation system that was prototyped and tested with Siemens-VDO in Germany and UK. Various researches have shown those vehicles travelling at excessive speed are more likely to cause an accident. In UK, an estimated 1,200 fatalities per year on the roads can be attributed to inappropriate vehicle speed. It is believed that if it were possible to control vehicle speed within the legally accepted limits, on the road, the number and severity of these fatalities would be greatly reduced. Therefore, there is a need to develop methods of externally or remotely controlling or adapting vehicle speed limits. One method of affecting the necessary speed limits would be through the development of intelligent remote speed control system that employs the technologies of Intelligent Transport System that focuses on infrastructure - vehicle - infrastructure communication. An intelligent methodology is needed to integrate the technologies, the driver and the vehicle in order to start to address some of the concerns of deploying the systems. This paper presents a brief description of the technologies and a new method of integrating the driver in the decision process of an Intelligent Speed Adaptation system for trucks. A "chain-speed'' adaptation model is described. An experimental truck with the speed control is also presented. (SAE International)
Type: Technical Report
Meetings and Proceedings
Language: en
Description: This paper was presented at SAE 2002 World Congress & Exhibition, March 2002, Detroit, MI, USA, Session: Foresight Vehicle Technology - ITS Technology/Design Technology (Part E&F).
Keywords: Vehicle accidents
Road safety
Speed control systems
Speed adaptation
Intelligent trucks
External Speed Adaptation
Integrated safety
Vehicle kinematics
Collision Avoidance Systems
Driver interface
ISSN: 0148-7191
Appears in Collections: Construction and Infrastructure

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